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Do You Have a Customer-Centric Culture – Do You Know Your People Risk?
James Beck – Managing Director, Effective Governance

Everyone in an organisation will be involved with customer service — directly or indirectly. An organisation’s identity will always be defined by its people — especially when it comes to creating a customer-centric culture. Therefore, the board and CEO need to determine how to build and sustain the organisation’s capacity to deliver customer service aligned with the organisation’s purpose.

People risk is ‘the risk of loss due to the decisions and non-decisions of people inside the organisation’ (Blacker & McConnell, 2015, People Risk Management, Kogan Page, London, p. 19). For example, lax processes allowing an employee to defraud the organisation. In this presentation, James will look at the role of the board in people risk, and what the board can do to make customer-centricity a part of the organisation’s culture.


Customer-Centric Board Succession Planning
Jodie Willmer – Board Succession & Diversity Strategist, Conscious Governance

Does your board struggle with succession planning and leave volunteer board members feeling overloaded? Hear how to attract customer-centric board directors who have relevant governance expertise, strategic thinking and generate new income streams. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about simple and effective methods to recruit amazing new directors from a diverse range of backgrounds and set them up for success. These practical board succession planning strategies can help you build a board that “steps up” in an era of increasing focus on the customer/consumer.


Customer Centric Governance…Cashflow Centric Governance
Michael Goldsworthy – Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services

“Customer centric goverance” is a vital component of a board’s evolving strategic undertaking in the new customer-driven, competitve market place.

Balancing customer requirements and cashflow requirements might at first seem to be the realm of the chief executive officer, indeed it is at an organisation’s operational level. However, for boards which have already entered or are about to enter the tumultuous world of customer choice and control and competitive market forces, there are a number of important customer and financial governance principles that need to be well understood and practically applied in order that the organisation can continue to deliver on its vision/mission, remain sustainable and successful into the future.

Join Michael for an insightful and practical session where, in essence, “customer is king and cashflow is queen”…and discover what this all means for the boards’ future roles and responsibilities and the work they undertake as directors.


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