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Induction Insights for Directors
Steven Bowman – Director, Conscious Governance

This workshop will explore the critical components of a highly-effective board induction program, and how this can help create the foundation of a strategic boardroom. This workshop will draw on the findings of research with over 400 global CEOs, chairs and board members, who were asked to explore what a good board induction looks like (after recounting their personal, albeit “mystifying” experiences).


No Safe Place B: Rethinking Change Management
Nigel Donovan – Principal, Donovan Ataraxy Pty Ltd

Traditional change management focuses on getting to the new normal as quickly or painlessly as possible. From Safe Place to ‘Safe Place’. This logic is flawed – change is so pervasive that there is no ‘Safe Place B’. Continuous change creates an environment of stress, anxiety and frustration.

Under sustained pressure self-protective behaviours emerge. People become closed-minded, defensive, procrastinate, easily irritated, or focused on detail rather than strategy. A powerful and proven alternative applies a neuro-psychotherapeutic approach to help leaders grow a culture that is simply better at working and thriving amid change and ambiguity.


Adapt to Skills Shortages Through Location Independence: Distributed Teams
Nina Sochon – CEO and Distributed Teams Expert, Transformed Teams

Leaders today have an unprecedented opportunity to raise the level of skill in their organisation. In unpredictable times, a strong staff becomes harder to achieve and yet more important. Not-for-profits are ‘playing around the edges’ with remote work and perhaps don’t realise the huge potential they have to tap into a much wider labour market. In this presentation, you’ll discover the leading practice framework for fully engaging remote workers. You’ll see through case studies how it is possible to attract and retain fantastic people through a strong, high-performing distributed team.
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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: July 29, 2017 Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am Steven Bowman Nigel Donovan Nina Sochon