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Board Sub Committees are a Risk! There is a Better Way!
Victor Hamit – Director, Wentworth Lawyers

This presentation challenges the orthodox view that through sub committees ‘the work load is shared’ or ‘many hands make light work’. In fact, Victor contends that this approach leads more often than not to: more work and inefficiencies; increased risk to board members; a loss of focus and empire building; and ignoring good governance frameworks. Join Victor as he explains why this is so, and offers a practical and easy-to-implement solution.


Unlocking Boardroom Blocks to Innovation
Rosie Yeo – Director, Public Affairs Network Pty Ltd

The best boards facilitate creative thinking and innovation within the boardroom and across the organisation. Yet too often boards of not-for-profits and member organisations are seen as blockers rather than enablers, and conservative rather than creative. There are 3 keys to unlocking constructive, innovative thinking in the boardroom and beyond. Participants will workshop whether these three keys are present in their boardroom and if not, how to introduce them.


NFP Sustainability: Business Models for Survival and Scale
George Liacos – Managing Director, Spark Strategy

Sustainable funding is today’s holy grail for not-for-profits, and it’s proving to be just as elusive. With the tightening of government purse strings, extreme policy shifts and increased competition, not-for-profits can no longer rely on traditional models to survive, they have to think differently about creating social value. This practical session, for leaders and directors, will explore elements of the business model, and how these can serve as levers for survival and scale.

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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: July 29, 2017 Time: 11:40 am - 12:40 pm Victor Hamit Rosie Yeo George Liacos