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Governing Purpose-Driven Organisations: What’s the Same? What’s Different?
Alan Hough – NFP Sector Expert

Organisations in many sectors, and especially the disability and aged care sectors, are adopting purpose-driven organisational models. The best known example internationally is Buurtzorg, a Dutch domiciliary nursing organisation, which has grown to 14,000 employees in just 10 years and delivers better outcomes for customers, for staff and the organisation itself than its competitors. Instead of relying on hierarchy and bureaucratic control, purpose-driven organisations embrace purpose, assume trustworthiness, and organise on the basis of self-directed teams. This workshop will share information about how purpose-driven organisations work, and explore how these organisations might be governed.

Our Customers… For No Other Reason
Chris Scott – Director, Leading In Health

This presentation will focus on the ‘nexus’ between the governance and operational management and the need for leadership harmony that creates the environment for success. Traditionally boards have focused on a variety of skills and experience to produce good leadership. Couple this with high IQ the recipe for success seem assured. However, having emotional intelligence is a fundamental ingredient to customer satisfaction. This presentation will focus on the success principles that every NFP needs to guarantee success and achieve authentic customer satisfaction.


Being a Customer-Centric Non-Profit Organisation
Wenda Gumulya – Chair of the Board, Hoshizora

Discover methods and tips on how to become a customer-centric non-profit organisation, particularly putting the beneficiaries and supporters (donors and volunteers) front and centre in the organisation’s strategy and activities. Equipped with real-life case study and interactive group activities, the session will enhance participants’ understanding about the client-centricity concept as well as provide practical takeaways to be implemented in their organisations.


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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: August 11, 2018 Time: 11:40 am - 12:40 pm Alan Hough Chris Scott Wenda Gumulya