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Asset-protection and Investment – An Opportunity for Stability
Vera Visevic – Partner, Mills Oakley

In an increasingly litigious and changing environment, not-for-profits often face uncertainty regarding potential strategies, and how to meet the need for consistent financial income. This presentation will demonstrate how separating an organisation’s operations from its assets can help to guard against such concerns by stimulating investment opportunity, alongside its financial return potential, and protecting assets in a litigation context. The presentation will further examine the numerous legal obligations on directors and officeholders alike that demand attention and require expert guidance to ensure the success of providing for the future of the not-for-profit.


Managing the Board-CEO Dynamic
James Beck – Managing Director, Effective Governance

For sustained organisational success, it is essential that the relationship between the board and CEO be strong and professional. The CEO is the board’s only employee, thus, a unique relationship exists between the CEO and the board. The board’s key responsibilities as the CEO’s employer include CEO appointment; succession planning; regularly undertaking CEO performance reviews; assisting the CEO through mentoring; reviewing CEO remuneration; and, if required, termination of the CEO. I will touch on each of these responsibilities with a focus on CEO assessment and how to improve the board-CEO dynamic.


Gearing Up Governance for Transformation
Karen Bevan – Chief Executive Officer, Girl Guides Australia

Using a range of case studies and a review of recent not-for-profit history, this presentation will argue that not-for-profit boards must be willing to deeply examine their mission, look closely at collaboration and continually ask themselves whether the organisation is relevant and if not, do something about it. To thrive will we need to collaborate, share power and mobilise resources in ways that challenge the fundamental conservatism of not for profit governance. Karen will demonstrate that mission driven not-for-profits will need to embrace transformation as a constant state and adapt governance practice to meet the challenge.

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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: July 29, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Vera Visevic James Beck Karen Bevan