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‘Adapt or Die’ – A Transformation Story
Linda Noble – Chief Executive, Governance New Zealand and Women on Boards

With a customer base that had been shrinking year on year, the Governance New Zealand Board recognised it needed to either ‘adapt or die’. The board chose to adapt which started the transformational process from Chartered Secretaries New Zealand to what we are today, Governance New Zealand – a dynamic, agile and progressive organisation that is relevant and has influence in the market.

This presentation will detail the strategic journey, provide insights into some of the decision making processes, the challenges and how these where overcome, the governance issues around the acquisition of Women on Boards, and then briefly look at where the organisation is now and what plans we have for future growth.


Intergeneration Diversity in the Boardroom; Risk vs Risk
Paul Smith – Co-founder and CEO, Future Directors Institute (company),
Non-executive Chair, Jane Goodall Institute Australia

Paul will facilitate and interactive discussion on the subject of intergeneration (or age) diversity in the boardroom and whether it is too risky to have younger people as directors, or risky not having them. The world is changing and technology moves faster than boardroom strategy. Millennials and Gen X are underrepresented in Australian boardrooms but are combined the largest part of the workforce, investor and consumer base. Their perspectives and ideologies are, by and large, different. They are inheriting US$11 trillion in the next decade and evidence of these differences is apparent from Brexit to US voting patterns to attitudes on sustainability and philanthropy.


The New Sponsorship Revolution
Abby Clemence – Managing Director, Infinity Sponsorship

Rather than focusing on well-intended philanthropy, organisations need to focus on structured, strategic partnerships with the corporate sector where your core mission and their core business intersect.
‘Consumers with a conscience’ are becoming more aware (especially our younger pioneering generations) that they hold the real power over corporates, as they demand brands cease to operate from a place of ‘profits at all costs’ and start becoming a ‘force for good’. As a Board Director, you need to be aware of this new paradigm to ensure
your organisation is capitalising on the powerful shifts already occurring in society.


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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: July 29, 2017 Time: 2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Linda Noble Paul Smith Abby Clemence