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The Role of the Ethical Framework in Delivering Customer-Centric Governance
David Burfoot – Senior Consultant, The Ethics Centre

For some time research has been showing that organisations driven by purpose and values do better. What is the ethical framework and how does it help organisations make better decisions? Why is it superior to compliance based cultures? Drawing on the experience of The Ethics Centre’s 26 years working with government, not-for-profits and some of the top ASX listed companies, this presentation will explore how leaders are employing modern knowledge of ethics and cognitive biases to nurture corporate governance more attune to the changing needs and aspirations of society and their customers. But there is a catch.


Lived Experience: Walking the Talk
Tony Davies – CEO, Social Futures

Social Futures has been embedding lived experience expertise into its organisational model since developing the Lived Experience prototype in 2013. Recruitment of workers with lived experience in the Ability Links and Local Area Coordination programs has transformed the relationship between the organisation and its customers by tapping in to the knowledge and ideas of the market itself. Workers sharing their lived experience of being customers as part of their professional practice ensure organisations become more responsive, reflective and directly accountable. Effective governance, training and support structures to create cultures of mutual respect and safety has been critical to success. Attend Tony’s session to understand the value and untapped potential of customer expertise.


Practical Ways to Understand Your Customer Journey to move from Volume to Value
Bruce Mullan – CEO, The Purpose Driven Group

Consumer choice has meant organisations need to adapt to a new way of doing business, involving building relationships with customers rather than funding bodies.

Bruce will show you how to map the customer journey, quickly identify gaps and ensure you have the right people, processes and systems in place to support your customer journey. Uncover insights and tools to help service providers thrive in a consumer-directed world and be enlightened and provoked to consider how your organisation can move from VOLUME to VALUE models of service.


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Main Conference
Location: Breakout Rooms Date: August 11, 2018 Time: 2:40 pm - 3:40 pm David Burfoot Tony Davies Bruce Mullan