Saturday: Opening Keynote Presentation

Neuroscience of Leadership
Fiona Kerr – Organisational Complexity Specialist, University of Adelaide

Fiona brings together the fields of social cognitive neuroscience and complex systems dynamics to tackle large, wicked problems by distilling complex issues into useful, pragmatic ideas, and framing them in a way which entices people to get involved and help shape change.

A major driver is her interest in the value of human interaction and its transformative power, such as the ability of leaders to build flourishing environments and boost complex thinking.

This could be just the brain fuel you need to boost your capacity for innovation and excellence in leading for adaptation.


We are pleased to announce that this session will now be available to watch live from anywhere around the globe via a livestream. This is the only session that will be live-streamed from the conference. Buy your livestream ticket here.
Book here if you’d rather see Fiona Kerr present in-person at the Better Boards Conference 2017 (28 – 30 July) in Brisbane, Queensland at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Further details on the conference are available here.



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Main Conference
Location: Plaza Terrace Room Date: July 29, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 10:05 am Dr Fiona Kerr