Afternoon Pre-Conference Masterclass: Impact-Led Design

Better Boards Conference Pre-Conference masterclass for board members and CEOs of NFP organisations.

Impact-Led Design – How to Design Organisations and Govern Strategy for Social Impact

Afternoon Masterclass
1.30PM – 5.00PM, Thursday 9 August 2018, Adelaide Convention Centre

More than ever organisations are required to do more than just manage risks and mitigate negative impacts. Maintaining a social license to operate often requires an organisation to measure, manage and maximise the positive social impact it generates. In this brave new world leading organisations are finding substantial competitive advantage in designing their structure and strategy around social impact – both maximising positive impact and mitigating negative impact. The rise of sustainability and integrated reporting, accounting for six capitals and Creation of Shared Value are all responses to the need to understand impact.
In this session, Ross Wyatt and Kevin Robbie will provide essential best practice approaches to impact-led design, to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the pack and provides a positive legacy for its stakeholders.

The Presenters

Ross Wyatt is the founder and Managing Director of Think Impact who has spent many years advising industry, the community sector and government on impact measurement, strategy and policy. He has pioneered many new approaches to accounting for social value including impact-led design.
Ross is a former head of Starlight Children’s Foundation and was a director, founder and head of the Social Sustainability team at Net Balance (now EY). He is active in promoting thought leadership in the field of social impact and is a frequent author and contributor and facilitator of forums on the topic. He is a founding member and former Chair of the Victorian chapter of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA), an active contributor to the Australian Social and Market Research Society, and a senior judge in the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Kevin Robbie is a Director at Think Impact, a leading social impact consultancy in Australia. Previously he was CEO of United Way Australia where he led the organisation through the development of an impact-led strategic plan. He was also the Executive Director with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) for seven years. He led their work around innovative venture development, focused on tackling long-term employment exclusion. Initially from the UK, he has held senior management roles in a range of organisations, including being Chief Executive of Forth Sector. He has also been a special adviser to the UK Government Cabinet Office and served on a number of non-profit boards.

Time, Date & Venue

1:30PM – 5:00PM, Thursday 9 August 2018

Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

Registration & Pricing

$365 per person.

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Additional Masterclass options

In addition to this masterclass we are also offering an morning masterclass:

The Board & CEO’s Role in Strategically Transforming Your Organisation
Presented by Michael Goldsworthy.


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Pre-Conference Masterclass
Location: Hall E1 Date: August 9, 2018 Time: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm Kevin Robbie Ross Wyatt