Sunday: Panel Discussion

Finding a Future – Adapting Through Collaboration
Patrick Herd – Principal Consultant, Community Business Australia
Joanne O’Brien – Partner, CRH Law
Sue Thomson – Chief Executive Officer, McLean Care

Adapting to the deregulation of markets for government funded service delivery is one of the greatest challenges not-for-profit directors are confronting at present. The shift to consumer driven markets (particularly in aged care and disability care) combined with the funding reductions being felt in all parts of the sector has many boards questioning the future viability of their organisations.

Innovative solutions to these challenges often require money to develop a level of resources and commitment that are beyond most not-for-profit community organisations. Some organisations are discovering that the answer lies in what not-for-profits have in the past found to be a natural fit – working and collaborating together.

Patrick, Joanne and Sue will present a case study on a group of organisations from northern rural NSW who have taken collaboration to a new level. They have joined together to form a new company that will be the lynchpin to help them achieve their objectives and continue to be able to serve the communities that rely on them.


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Main Conference
Location: Plaza Terrace Room Date: July 30, 2017 Time: 10:00 am - 10:40 am Patrick Herd Joanne O’Brien Sue Thomson