Bruce Mullan

Bruce Mullan – CEO, The Purpose Driven Group

You can’t be all things to all customers as the saying goes. In a competitive market, you need a clear strategic focus. Bruce will show you how to map your customer journey to refine your business model. The end game is to ensure you have the right leaders, systems, processes and performance measures in place to boost your bottom line and deliver better outcomes to your clients.

Bruce Mullan is CEO and Founder of The Purpose Driven Group – a boutique management consultancy dedicated to the for-purpose sector. They apply corporate strategies to help for-purpose organisations do good, and do well. Previously, Bruce, a former consultant with PWC, provided consulting services over many years to large corporate organisations in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and the UK. To date, Bruce and the Purpose Driven team has helped charities, community care organisations, disability care providers, aged care providers and like-minded organisations to optimise their people, culture, processes and business systems to grow, save money or do better.

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