Dr Carl Gibson

Dr Carl Gibson – Executive Director, Executive Impact and Australian Risk Policy Institute

By understanding the balance between analytical and intuitive thinking we can consciously improve how we analyse situations, develop and choose options. This ‘neuroawareness’ also provides a mechanism for improving team capability and performance at the Board and senior executive levels, and can change dramatically an individual’s leadership style.

Dr Carl Gibson is currently a consultant and researcher. He is a former academic and has over 80 publications in neuropathology and infectious disease, disaster and emergency management, neuropsychology, risk and resilience, organisational failure, adult education, security, governance and fraud prevention. He currently teaches on a number of subjects for the Governance Institute. He has held senior positions in Government (in Australia and the UK), international aviation sector, and emergency services. He has been an expert advisor to the United Nations on a number of programs and had led aid work in Asia. He has served on several Boards and currently chairs several Standards Australia national committees.

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