Cathy Humphrey

Cathy Humphrey – CEO, Sacred Heart Mission

Discover the transformational strategic journey taken by Sacred Heart Mission over a decade in order to take on the challenge of designing, piloting, testing and taking a service intervention to scale through social impact investment.

Cathy Humphrey has been working in the areas of community housing and homelessness since 1993. Initially working with people with intellectual disabilities, and since 1996 working in roles specifically focused on people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Cathy has worked within organisations such as Bethany Family Support (Geelong), Wesley Central Mission (Ringwood), Department of Human Services. She has been working at Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda since 2002, and appointed as CEO in 2011. Cathy has accumulated over 15 years of service to an organisation that is leading the way in transforming people lives. Cathy’s passion is driven by an interest in people, human rights and a desire to make a difference, and that passion continues to burn brightly through leading the development of innovative solutions to ending chronic homelessness, the Journey to Social Inclusion.

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