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Michael Goldsworthy – Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services

Join Michael for an insightful and practical session where, in essence, “customer is king and cashflow is queen”…and discover what this all means for the boards’ future roles and responsibilities and the work they undertake as directors.

A visionary, a strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael is widely known and acknowledged throughout Australia by Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Executives of community businesses (NFPs) for his unique facilitation processes, models and tools in the areas of governance, strategy, amalgamations and mergers and organisational projects.

Examples of Michael’s specialisation and key achievements are:
• Continually focused on the big shifts and exploring the emerging opportunities that aren’t yet on directors, chief executive officers and executives’ agendas, but ought to be

• Facilitation, development and project management of governance, strategy, business development, amalgamation, merger and partnership projects

• Has worked with over 6,000 boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams of community businesses, in all states of Australia over the last 26 years

• Demonstrated track record of assisting leaders of community businesses to bring together “their head and heart”, transform their organisation develop a new business/service model, associated services and strategy

• In 1992, designed and developed the concept, principles and practices of community business, a way of operating NFPs in a competitive marketplace

• Successful completion of 258 amalgamations and mergers, along with a significant number of partnership and joint venture projects

• Approximately sixty to sixty five per cent of projects are with stand-alone organisations, in particular in rural, regional and remote Australia

• Originally qualifying in disability, he has a comprehensive understanding of the various industries and sectors of the human services industries, eg: aged care, hospitals and health care, disability, employment and related areas

• The development and practical application of BizPlan™, a strategic planning system and TAGS™, The Australian Governance System, and a wide range of governance, strategy, organisational and business development tools.

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