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Beyond Directors’ Duties, Frameworks for the Practical Work of Directors

Aaron Goldsworthy

Senior Consultant at Australian Strategic Services

A Senior Consultant with Australian Strategic Services for over 5 years Aaron assists boards and individual directors to not only understand their duties at law but also how to practically undertake the work of a director within the framework created by directors’ duties and governance roles and responsibilities.

He has worked with a wide variety of not-for-profit, church and charitable boards, chief executive officers and executives on a range of projects. These include detailed review of where the Board's or organisations documentation and processes sit against standards, quality frameworks and legislation, board assessments and reviews, drafting and documenting enterprise/organisation wide governance and risk management frameworks, strategic planning, business development, amalgamations and mergers and industry big picture trends and research.

How do you effectively go about the work of the director?

The past decade has seen boards, committees of management, councils or similar named groups of individuals move from the processes and behaviours of managers managing a service to the processes and behaviours of directors governing an organisation.

There has been much focus on the duties that the law prescribes for directors. Knowledge and understanding of these director’s duties is critical. However they provide little in the way of guidance to an individual of what the work of a director involves or how to effectively go about the work of the director.

In this presentation Aaron will outline how:

  • • directors should think about directors duties as the farm fence establishing the boundaries of how they must act, that is in the best interests of the company first and foremost, in good faith, with due skill, care and diligence etc.;

  • • within this directors should then fulfil their two governance roles and four governance responsibilities; and

  • • how frameworks such as ‘from a service to a business’, core business, understanding what an organisation is and its elements, etc can assist directors practically carry out their work and strengthen and enhance their organisation and ultimately what they deliver for their customers.

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