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Boardroom Resilience: Building Bulletproof Boards

Chris Scott

Director at Turner Scott Consulting Pty Ltd

Chris is a highly successful and popular individual who’s understanding of governance and leadership comes from his depth of knowledge and practical experience as a board director, chair, CEO, organisational development specialist and credentialed coach and mentor. He has a strong foundation of professional qualifications in business management, organizational performance, governance and executive coaching – complimented with over thirty years’ as an accomplished board director and nearly twenty-five years as a Chief Executive Officer. On this journey Chris has worked with not-for-profit, commercial and government sector organisations, some very good, others not so. Chris commenced down the governance pathway in not-for-profit organisation as a teenager working with sporting bodies and service clubs. This experience quickly graduated to larger government business entities and finally into the corporate sector.

He has been a director and chair of major for-profit organisations and several state-wide employer industry groups in the health and welfare sector in Victoria. His skills have also been welcomed into government ranks being on several government task forces and representative groups. Chris forged his career in the health sector rising from a cleaner to Chief Executive Officer where he spent the bulk of his professional life. During this journey Chris has amassed a broad array of skills and been involved in dealing with a significant number of complexed and sensitive issues. He now is giving back to the business world and is extremely keen to pass-on his knowledge and experiences to ensure that individuals and organisations grow and prosper; avoiding many of the failures he’s witnessed or experienced. Chris firmly believes that leaders are not born, they are created; educated, trained and cultivate their skills.

How resilient is your board? Could you be better prepared?

How does your board as the governing authority deal with key elements of sustained focus – using scenario planning, managing technological change, monitoring, and reacting to customer & stakeholder shifts, and being in front of regulatory change?

How do you preserve and enhance the resilience of directors and boards?

Chris will introduce the audience to two fundamental levels of resilience, firstly how the board as the governing authority deals within a good governance mantra the four key elements of sustained focus.

Secondly, he will introduce four dimensions that preserve and enhance directors and boards resilience using a series of coping mechanisms to recognise and ensure directors are up to the job, as well as making sure they are consistently diligent and respond to an ever-changing business environment.

Chris will provide examples and tools that directors and the board can use to renew their physical, spiritual, mental, and social/emotional aspects of their nature, breaking each element down into specifics and demonstrating how these principles impact on building personal resilience.

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