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For Purpose Strategic Innovation : A board perspective

George Liacos

Founder and Chair at Spark Strategy

George’s experience spans 25 years and well over 10,000 hours helping people get impactful, aligned outcomes. Whether it’s retreats, panels, face-to-face and remote workshops or largescale events, George brings calm confidence and experience to any environment. George has been a speaker for over 20 years, ranging from large scale tech conventions in the USA to community driven charity and not for profit gatherings. He speaks from the heart, from his life experience and for impact on a broad range of topics focused on strategy and innovation for impact.

George writes frequently about social change and is currently writing his next book where he taps into science and research, interviews change makers and shares his own journey from profit to purpose in order to help more people re-balance their lives and realise their own profit and purpose equilibrium.

Innovation in the for-purpose sector has long been touted as the new frontier for impact or efficiency. Yet it remains an opaque art for directors and leaders looking to steer their organisations through uncertain times. How can we really enact innovation? What is innovation in our world? Can we trust that it will actually produce? How do we sort hype from real impact creating value?

George will share lessons, case studies and insights from decades of experience in social sector strategy and innovation. His advisory firm Spark Strategy works with more than 150 organisations every year on strategy and innovation and has distilled a simple yet effective i7 framework to help boards and leaders get a clear view on innovation for impact and efficiency.

Strategic impact innovation for the purpose sector is now a staple of good governance, yet it is not well understood. This session will give directors and leaders the confidence and tools to engage, choose and govern strategic innovation for impact.

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