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The Social Contract. A Case Study in Change Leadership.

Jo Smyth

Director at Twiga Group Pty Ltd

Jo Smyth is the founder of Twiga Group. Twiga Group works with organisations to deliver business strategy through organisational culture, people experience and change leadership. As a partner to business leaders, Twiga Group works to design and deliver culture and change experiences for people that drive engagement and foster creative leadership. Using human centred design to redefine business problems, create innovative solutions and accelerate change. Creating a culture of agility to deliver sustainable business outcomes. Twiga Group is a proud Specialist Consultant Member of The Xfactor Collective.

Jo is an experienced Board professional, with a directorship portfolio focused on education and employability outcomes, contributing to social impact change to achieve good outcomes in early childhood and research, school and vocational, and specialist science and technology education. Jo’s Board experience includes Chair (President) University High School Council, Member GTAC Advisory Board and Chair Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) North West Metro Region and Chair and Director Gowrie Victoria.

What is the board's role in creating connected, high trust, high performance teams in the workplace of our future?

Expectations around where and how work happens have fundamentally shifted. The workplace is no longer where work happens - it’s where teams come to connect and collaborate. To revitalise.

Creating connected, high trust, high performance teams in the workplace of our future requires deliberate and considered leadership action. Starting with the Board. How can organisations do this?

Boards and Leaders can look to explore innovative ways that provide a balanced and supported return to the office. Central to this are the team agreements that take an organisation’s culture and bring this respectfully into a new way of working in the post-COVID environment.

Creating a Social Contract uncovers what really matters to a team and describes a shared sense of identity. To navigate the future organisation, collaborative co-design of the organisational culture requires deliberate and considered change leadership actions. The Social Contract helps leaders and teams to revitalise and reimagine the workplace. Join Jo's presentation to find out more.

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