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Board Culture CPR: Revitalise your Corporate DNA

Katrina Bramstedt

Head of Advisory & Training at Your Call/Clarity Ethics

Katrina Bramstedt is an ethicist with 20 years’ experience across several sectors including healthcare, education, and biotechnology. She obtained her PhD from Monash University and completed a Fellowship in ethics at UCLA. She holds the role of adjunct Professor at Bond University. Prior, she was the Chief Executive of the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity and the Sr Ethics Officer at Philips.

She’s held Board positions at Megeno and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. She brings a vast skill set across ethics, professionalism, auditing, investigations, whistleblowing, training, coaching, and consulting.

Are you battling an ethically lifeless or toxic board culture?

In this session, Katrina provides guidance and tools which act as CPR for ethically lifeless or toxic board culture, revitalising Board DNA and ultimately corporate DNA, to produce ethical corporate behaviours.

This session is aimed to breathe ethical life into boards which need to enhance their “ethical DNA.” Building trust, boards need to move beyond the boardroom to the staffroom, doing active leadership with “boots on the ground” (even if virtually) so that their ethical presence is felt across the organisation.

The value-added of an ethical workplace is enormous, potentially impacting various areas, including corporate profits. Key to realising these benefits is the acceptance of ethics as a corporate strength.

If you want an organisation with ethical behaviour, board ambiance and role modelling must be ethical. Learn more from Katrina in this presentation.

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