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How to Make Your Board an Engaging and Transformative Experience.

Mark Buzan

Founder of the Society of NonProfit Board Directors

Mark Buzan, CAE/ APR Founder of the Society of Nonprofit Board Directors and Our Executive Director Association Management Services. Frustrated by what he perceived as the continual "rinse, recycle, repeat" spinning wheel of nonprofit boards repeating the same mistakes over and over, Mark took a look and noticed that the source of the challenges nonprofits face is in the leadership itself.

Well intentioned volunteer leaders were stepping up but because of the silos so many nonprofits work in, Mark was finding boards of nonprofits from all sectors repeating the same mistakes in governance and many other important aspects that could've been avoided had they been given the benefit of learning from their "peers" from other nonprofit boards they might not have ever had the opportunity to meet. As a result, he founded the Society of Nonprofit Board Directors, a professional network and association of volunteer board leaders from all over the world.

In recent years, Mark has focused his attention on understanding the real reason of what motivates people to step up the the role of board leadership. His curiosity lead to the coordination of the NonProfit Board Summit in early 2021 which gathered board leaders from all over North America, the UK, and Australia. A Certified Association Executive (CAE) and Accredited in Public Relations (APR), Mark is an experienced expert in public affairs, advocacy and strategic communications for the non-profit and association sector. He is the co-author of "Online PR and Social Media for Not-for-profits and Associations". Mark has more than 18 years of executive experience in advancing the interests of non-profits and associations.

How do you make your board an engaging and transformative experience that your highest performing board members will flock towards while creating a positive bonding experience for all involved?

Aside from raising funds, the recruitment and retention of board members ranks in the top five challenges of nonprofits consistently in surveys and studies.

Nonprofits all over are working to "up the standard" when it comes to encouraging board member accountability. But to be truly effective at recruiting and retaining the most motivated board leaders, it can't be "all stick and no carrot"! We need to understand what exactly motivates the most dedicated and busy professionals to step up and take on leadership roles.

In this session Mark Buzan joins us live from Canada and will lead attendees through the research he and the Society of Nonprofit Board Directors have undertaken on how boards can understand the psyche of motivated volunteer leaders for better board recruitment and retention.

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